A Little Bite of Chicago

Chicago. Known for its wind, architecture, but mostly for its food. I was quite the happy camper with all the food options. Too much to choose. But here’s a summary!


I began my food journey through this city at The Purple Pig, located on the Magnificent Mile. Cheese, Swine and Wine is their slogan. So we all can guess how I felt about the place even before I walked in the door.

The atmosphere and the menu were both captivating, so I can understand how it has been voted one of the best places in town. An American and European mix of décor, with trinkets on one wall and a chalkboard with a list of cheese plates on the other.


The menu was a majestic mix all sorts of gourmet foods I would never think to put together. But done the way they were, I can see how it would work. The menu boasts of so many local cheeses I didn’t even know where to begin.


I choose the one thing I could afford at the time, the Meatball sandwich. This meatball was the size of my fist, exploding with flavor, served on a bed of a arugula and a bun. The bitterness of the arugula only helped to enhance the flavors of the meatball.
The Purple Pig also boasts an extraordinary repertiore of wine and beer. They even had one of my favorite Belgian fruit beers on tap.

Exchequer is known throughout Chicago for being Al Capone’s choice restaurant. He definitely did not have it wrong.
Unlike in Philly, I got the city staple: deep dish pizza. Exchequer’s deep dish pizza is everything a deep dish pizza should be.

An equal balance of crust, sauce, cheese and toppings. The sauce was fresh and with the amount of cheese and toppings falling off, you had no choice but to eat it with a fork and knife. Cheesy, gooey deliciousness. Not the mention, their garlic bread was nothing short of perfect. I pride myself on knowing the what’s what with garlic bread, and this was it.


This post is long overdue but it has been a hectic month.

More from Chicago coming later!

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