A Few Recipes From My Summer

Round One:

Last exam is over. And what do you do? Go grab a drink. Celebrate. Whatever you want because it’s finally summer! This girl decides to celebrate by making sweet potato biscuits. Yup, I’m that lame.

I pulled this recipe from Pinterest. Where else? The recipe calls for half all purpose flour and half whole wheat to make them a bit healthier. I instead added a little more white flour than whole wheat. I used regular milk and not almond milk. And finally, I swapped the maple syrup for honey. I opted not to make the maple butter but have at it.


But these things are amazing! From my professor’s daughter, who’s three, she says and I quote “Mmm, delicious!” She is definitely a solid judge.

 If there is no maple butter made, top these puppies off with a little bit of butter and honey.

 I am still going to be working on perfecting this recipe so stay tuned!

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Round Two:

This next recipe puts a pleasant twist on one of my favorites, in a way I would have never thought of. Edamame flatbreads.

If you follow the recipe exactly, you will end up with diary, egg and gluten free and vegan beauties. Once again, I took the more unhealthy side of things, used regular flour and added no xanthan gum (which tends to be very expensive and for such a little portion, why bother?). Add a bit of whatever spices you want, especially salt and pepper to give a little more bite to the neutral edamame.


So how’d they turn out? Magnificent. Grilling them, rather than baking them, adds a little more flavor. And edamame makes for a flatbread with a more robust flavor than your simple flour based flatbread. Not to mention, being so high in fiber, they make for a healthy and filling sandwich, no matter how simple. We took these to the beach, even the seagulls enjoyed them and took a few themselves.

Edamame Flatbreads

Round Three:

Chocolate chip cookies. Simple. Basic. Known favorite. This recipe puts this persona to shame, aside from the favorite part. These cookies come out fluffier and chewier than any other recipe I have tried. Delicious! Follow this recipe to the tee. The cornstarch is the key, and boy does it make all the difference!


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 

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