Juicy Lucy Perfection

I am a burger person. No question about it. Gotta have one at least once a week. I would maybe think about going vegetarian if it weren’t for red meat. There is just something about seasoned ground meat between two slices of bread topped with anything you could desire.
There is one burger that wins out in my mind above the rest. The Juicy Lucy, as the Minnesotans like to call them. Also known as the inside out burger, with the cheese on the inside.




For years now, I have been trying to perfect these puppies. But every time, the cheese always melts out. Or something goes wrong.
Then comes a family dinner that changed it all. It was my step-sister’s birthday. I decided I would make these for her.
After watching so many food television shows on the legend, I noticed a technique that I finally decided to try. You make them look like a UFO. Honestly. Two slabs of thinner than usual beef with cheese between. Instead of just pinching the side, you pinch and roll it up like you would a calzone.




And it worked!!! Finally. And I honestly couldn’t stop smiling at the table because this has been a long time coming. Ask my family. Ask my friends even. I have used this in a cooking competition two years in a row and won out each time.
This particular one was stuffed with delicious pimento cheese from the local grocer. When that stuff melted on the inside of the burger, it was perfection. The burgers were juicy and seasoned to perfection if I do say so myself.


So here’s the secret for y’all.


1 pound ground beef
1/4 cup of worcestershire
1 cup of choose cheese – I used pimento in mine
Seasoned to taste (I like to put Old Bay, garlic salt, and pepper)


Combine ground beef, worcestershire and all your spices in a bowl. Get in there and mixed with your (clean) hands. After the mixture is thoroughly combined, divide the meat into 8 equal parts. Once divided, form into separate balls and then squish down each one to about 4 inches. Honestly as thin as you can get it but not too thin. It also helps to place the meat between wax paper and use a rolling pin to flatten the patties. However much cheese you want to add is up to you. The more, the better. Take your cheese and put it in the middle of four of the patties. From there, place each of the other patties onto once with cheese. Next, Like I remarked earlier, don’t just pinch the sides. Make sure to curl over the pinch to make it look more like an UFO than an actual burger. Grill to satisfaction. And there you have Juicy Lucy perfection.

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