The Fredericksburger

To give some background, I live in a house of five girls. One of my roommates in particular, Kayla, is my fellow foodie in the house. We have even talked about opening up a café later in life. There is one place she is literally always talking about from back home in Fredericksburg.

My roommate, Kayla, studied abroad in Italy with one of my other roommates this summer. As one of my best friends, I hadn’t seen her in far too long. Me being me, I randomly decided to head up to visit late one Tuesday. We caught up on our summers and hung out. This was awesome but the next best thing to the company: She finally took me to the legendary Foode.


This by far is the most eclectic mix of a restaurant I have ever seen. The way you order is different, how they seat you is different, everything is just a little bit different. But all is great ways.

The door to the restaurant is situated in the back of an alleyway. Sounds sketchy. The alleyway itself is used as part of the restaurant in the summer, offering seating to guests. To order, you go through the door in the back and order at the counter then they will tell you where to sit and someone will bring you your food. The kitchen is also only accessible from the outdoor stairs to the left of the back door I was telling you about. Like I said, eclectic.

The menu is changed weekly with a few fixtures throughout. Everything, from the bread to the meat, is produced locally, which explains the ever changing menu. I tried the pimento toast. A thick slice of bread with gooey melty pimento cheese on top. Yum.


Another fixture in particular caught my fancy. The Fredericksburger. Yes, another burger. I know. Oh my lord. I may continue to say this throughout my blog. But really, this burger was great. It was made with freshly ground meat, which you could tell by the tenderness. It did not have as much flavor as some but it was so juicy. With my wisdom teeth just taken out and such a thick burger, this was almost a struggle, but so good. Not to mention the side of potato salad served with this beauty was almost better than my own. Seriously, awesome!


Kayla has worked there and so have a few of her friends. She personally loves it and apparently, the rest of Fredericksburg does too. After getting the chance to go, I can finally see why!

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