Palani with My Mommie

So let me tell ya about my momma. Every week, she makes the three-hour trek up interstate 81 and 64 to lovely RVA, where I go to school. Why the trek? She works as the Executive Director of the Virginia Museum of Architecture and Design. This past year, she has also served as the president of the American Institute of Architects. And she’s kind of a boss.

IMG_0113 - Version 2

Our favorite thing to do whenever she comes to Richmond is have dinner dates. As we’ve been doing this for two and a half years now, we have definitely picked out some of our go-to places. The first I am going to divulge is Palani Drive. A vegetarian friendly sandwich and wrap joint up in the West End of Richmond. And we’ve been coming since I moved here.

They have some odd combinations for the their wraps and they even smoothies. But this place has one unexpected specialty, quesadillas. First time I went, I tried the black bean variation. The last time we went, we went with my stepbrother and his best friend.

This last time, I went big. The Portabella and Brie quesadilla. This thing was dripping with cheese so you know I was happy. It had portabella mushrooms, brie, spinach, and Monterey jack with a side of herbed potatoes. The flavors worked so well together. The brie and Monterey jack melted oh so perfectly. And the herbed potatoes were hard to stop eating.


This time with my mommie, with company or not, is one of my favorite times of my week. She’s one of my best friends and when catching up is over good food, how could it not be my favorite?

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