We’ll Be There In A Dash

Being on the College Panhellenic Council exec board this year has honestly been one of the best experiences I’ve had in college. I’ve mentioned before I do the public relations and I’ve learned more about building a brand and social media hype than I ever thought possible. I even disaffiliated from my sorority for a time to be a part of this. Also wildly enriching.

Our biggest event is formal recruitment. In a nutshell, it’s speed dating for 4 days straight. It’s definitely an interesting experience from all angles. Being on exec, you get a free lunch everyday. This event helped me bring to you a lovely take out find of Richmond. Dash. It was so good the exec board went twice that weekend.


The salmon burger was more of a salmon cake on a bun than an actual burger. Nonetheless, the flavor of this burger is suburb with the dill perfect for fish.

The burger had so many different levels of flavor. The fried onions and pickles added another dimension and texture. The burger itself was dryer than I prefer. Overall, quality burger. And we all know how I feel about burgers.


I’ve never seen tots done in a better way. The chucks are bigger, making thicker tots. And sweet potato! The flavor is great with just the right amount of salt and pepper. The puppies are served with a side of tot sauce, a spicy mayo based sauce reminiscent of Sheetz boom boom sauce. I could not stop eating them.


The location of the spot is notorious for having restaurants that go quickly out of business. Fingers crossed this isn’t the case for this place!

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