The Great Wall of Tequila

  So who likes margs? I know I do! And even better, at happy hour prices? With half priced empanadas and tacos? Casa Del Barco on Richmond’s Canal Street has perfected the art of a successful happy hour. A somewhat-pricey tequileria with an expansive Mexican food menu. From 3 to 7, college kids can actually afford their menu. Insert sad face emoji. But let’s also remember the heart eyes.


The bar boasts over 150 different kinds of tekillya, as I like to call it. One of these shots will put you $180 in the bucket. We can only imagine how good their margaritas are then. Served in a cocktail glass, they are also far stronger than the normal Tex-Mex frozen variation. But they are twice as good!

The chips are served with crème and salsa. Both are so fresh. Oh my goodness. You can taste the freshly crushed tomato taste with the fresh herbs. And the crema, I tried it, and couldn’t stop eating it. Delicioso.


Bringing it back to the beginning. These empanadas I was telling you about. You can get five different flavors. I stick to my trusty Portobello mushroom, spicy chorizo and shrimp adobo. These are fried to a light brown perfection and served with black beans and rice. They do a great job of combining extras with the bases of the empanadas. The flavors work so well together. The tacos are no less than amazing too. Everything is phenomenal to say the least. But there is just something about margaritas and the fried goodness of an empanada that work oh so perfectly together.


Fun fact: the name, Casa del Barco, literally means “house of boat,” which is funny because the owner also owns the Boathouse, down by the river. I see what he did there.

The rest of the menu, I promise, is just as good as the other pieces I just described. When I mentioned I had a a food blog, they actually gave me a $25 gift card to return. I will return and try the rest of the menu. And you’ll know when that day comes.

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