The best burger in Maryland. The best burger in Baltimore. Or so they claim. After eating this burger, they may very well be right. I was in Baltimore for the day and had heard so much about this place, I had to go. The restaurant, Abbey Burger Bistro, is in a random spot, sort of in an alley. It is a tiny pub but boasts a huge beer list with some very delicious Belgians too.

It may have been two o’clock when I went but I couldn’t pass these up. I have found a new favorite beer. Frutli. And guess where it’s from? Belgium. It is one of their fruit beers that they truly have down. Although their fruit beers are some of my favorites, this one was unlike any other ones I had seen in Belgium and in the US. A strawberry beer. Oh my goodness. So refreshing, crisp with a lovely strawberry undertone. I could drink it all day.


Not only can you order a million and one different beers, but the variety of meat you can get on your burger is wild. Seriously. This month’s special was venison and you can also get yourself a kangaroo burger.

I opted for the classic ground beef topped with caramelized onions, tomato and a spicy creme fiache. It may have been the classic but this two inch tall burger almost melted in my mouth. So juicy and perfectly cooked. I don’t know if I’ve had anything better. Honestly. And I know burgers.


If you are ever in Baltimore and love a great burger, stop by this place. You won’t regret it. Potentially life changing. Also, check out the McCormick spice store near the Inner Harbor. The only one in the world and all the Old Bay your heart could desire.


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