Belgian to the Max’s

Max’s On Broad is by far my favorite restaurant in Richmond. Not only is the food magnificent, but it’s a Belgian place too, which makes it all the better. I am so happy I get to rant about it to y’all.

I have only been here once, and for my birthday, since it’s so fancy. But my father and his girlfriend came into town, so we tried it out for brunch.

The restaurant itself almost feels like you are stepping into a real brasserie in Belgium. The decoration and motif do my country well. The food does too. The best part about Max’s in the summer: the windows upstairs open up to create a bit of a patio feel. It was the perfect day for this.

Being at a Belgian place for brunch, I decided to go big or go home and get something not so normal on the menu. I was between the salmon benedict, my normal brunch option, and the breakfast poutine. I just couldn’t be as simple as getting my brunch norm. So poutine, it was!

Poutine, although not a Belgian dish, incorporates many Belgian things. In a nutshell, it is fries topped with some sort of gravy, cheese and other various toppings. Since this one was a breakfast variation, an egg topped the whole lots, with chicken gravy, cheese curds, and the biggest bacon bits you have ever seen.

The level of flavors in this dish are hard to even explain. The crunch of the fries, with the saltiness of the bacon, and the meltiness of the cheese. I really cannot do it justice. It was everything I wanted and more. Oh my goodness.

Expect to see more about this place.

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