Got Dessert?

Look no further ladies and gentleman, I have found the holy grail of dessert. It is located here in Richmond, Virginia. Shyndigz was originally located further out of the city. But their recent move closer to VCU’s campus has business booming.

They boost a menu of dessert, simply dessert, nothing else. There are the classics and the everyday specials. They have everything. Chocolate cake to a grown-up oatmeal cream pie.

After work one night, I joined a large group of my sorority sisters to finally enjoy this majesty I had constantly been hearing about.

My little, Brittany, ordered me the crème brulee but considering I had it the night before, I also ordered the strawberry cobbler. I received both. The crème brulee is what you would expect. Creamy with a gust of vanilla. I have never seen a harder top to crack or a larger serving.


I also mooched a few bites of the oatmeal crème pie from one of my sisters. The cookie was chewy and the crème was not as thick as its grocery counterpart. This is not to mean it was not simply delicious. I would have eaten the whole plate if she had let me.


The strawberry cobbler came, with a serving of ice cream on top as big as my face. The cobbler below the ice cream is seriously some of the best cobbler I have eaten. This may primarily because Shyndigz does a wonderful job of overloading the dish with the cobbler topping, my favorite part. I could not have been happier, especially considering the full fresh strawberries incorporated into this dish.


Shyndigz is nothing but delicious. When you come, come prepared for a full meal of delicious sweetness.

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