The Battle of The GR Burger

I was fortunate enough to visit my best friend again at the end of September. It was such an amazingly relaxing trip per usual. Her family is my second family because of how welcoming they are. Lucky for me, they consider me their second daughter. Courtney and I always have so much fun even if we are sitting there doing nothing. It’s good to have a friend like that.

She also knows to take me to all the best food places around. There are many places I could talk about from my trip. Reds in Rockford for one. Judson’s in the BOB in the city of Grand Rapids. So much good food. Including the best cake donuts I have ever put in my mouth from Klackles. I could definitely talk about that for a whole post.


Today, we are focusing on my favorite and having a battle of the burger.

First up, we ventured to Graydon’s Crossing.


The Drunken Cow Burger. When I saw this burger on the menu, I honestly had no choice to divulge in its majesty. It was topped with pale ale sautéed onions and beer cheese. How could I deny that!


It was such a good profile of flavors. The onions were slightly sweet and with that beer cheese, every bite has an awesome mix of flavors. The burger was also super juicy.


Second, O’Toole’s.

This restaurant has a deal that’s sure to make anyone smile. Every Sunday, you can get a burger and fries basket for only $5. I walked out of there and only spent $6 including tip.

The Frisco Melt is topped with thousand island, sautéed onions and Swiss cheese on sourdough.


This burger may not have had the same flavor profile as the one from Graydon’s. But this burger was made to a juicy perfection. And for $6, who can beat that!


All in all, it was very hard for me to judge which might be better. They have different elements that make them as amazing burger. The one thing I learned is that you can never underestimate the food or beer culture of a city. If you can make me this happy with a burger, you’re doing something right.


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