Let’s Go to Lunch


Well in this particular case, we went to Supper. Lunch and Supper are two of the same restaurant located right next to each other. During the week at dinnertime, Lunch closes, so it’s only Supper. And Lunch is open for brunch. The way they work is kind of complicated but the reason for the two different places is space and timing. Supper just opened two months ago, while Lunch has been in Richmond since 2012.

Lunch and Supper serve some of the best Southern food I have tasted in Virginia, let alone Richmond. What sets it apart is the twists they put on the classics. The southern fried chicken is topped with a cheese sauce. And the mac and cheese involved only a little bacon.

I opted for a healthier option of salmon, while my family went for the southern fried goodness. Don’t worry, I tried theirs too. My salmon was pan-seared to perfection, the perfect salmon buttery flavor. It was served on a bed of some of the most delicious cheesy grits. Oh yummy.


Coaxed by fellow foodie brother and I, my mother went for the Southern Pride BLT. Everyone at the table unanimously agreed this was the best BLT we have ever had. The bacon was thick. The tomatoes were fried and green. The cheese sauce I talked about earlier that tops the chicken was smothering the BLT. There were so many flavor profiles, it was hard to keep up with. It didn’t even last long enough to get a picture.

Lunch and Supper is great for more than just Southern food. But for some modern twists on the classics, this is the place to go.

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