Feeling Cheesy and Gouda

There is one person who may surpass me in my love of cheese. This person is my younger brother. In high school, I was the “captain” of our cheese club and he acted as my “first mate.” What can we say, we both love cheese.


We were unfortunate to be brought together for a funeral in Culpeper, Virginia. The fortunate part was the bonding time I had with him. Over cheese. Because what else?

We were looking for places to eat before the funeral and I happened upon this gem. The Culpeper Cheese Company. They not only have a wide variety of cheese, even local, but also an amazing selection of beer and wine in the back. Warren and I were very happy campers in this place.

We were even happier with our paninis we ordered. He got the Italian and I got the Fire in the House, which had Bruder basil cheese, pepper jack and pepper jelly. I added prosciutto because why not.


Without a doubt, these were the best paninis have ever had. No exaggeration. The bread was toasted but not soggy. The combination of cheese and pepper jelly was just right. And the gusto of flavor was indescribable. The cheese was melty. The Bruder basil cheese is a smoked cheese and accents the panini perfectly. It was delicious on its own, even better melted. The panini I got was a bit fiery but worth the flavor.


After this we even got to try my favorite Belgian chocolate at the shop next door.

Who the heck knew one of my favorite sandwiches would have come from Culpeper Virginia of all places.


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