You Say We’re Eating What?

My goodness. Mamma Zu is a restaurant known throughout Richmond for being some really amazing Italian food. It is conveniently located literally a block from my house.

You all know I am normally very easy to please when it comes to food. Not so much as an ill word about the places I go. Unfortunately, not exactly the case with this place. My company did not help. I went with Luke, my step-brother’s best friend, who’s my pseudo brother, and his roommate. These boys are some jokers. The whole time they had some random thing to say about the décor, menu presentation, and the food.

The décor is a very eclectic mixture of what looks like Latin art, Italian and hipster art. Very Richmond. Major fault: they had no menu, simply a chalkboard on the wall. This is completely acceptable at a café but not a fancy restaurant. Another thing is they didn’t take Visa, so beware. They will let you come back in the next few days to pay. Don’t expect to get pictures of your food either with the low lighting.


On to the food, a little more success was found here. We ordered the kslfhd and kajd. A family style place so we all shared. One dish we shared was delicious, no complaints. Lamb meatballs with pasta covered in a tomato parmesan sauce. The meatballs had a sweet jam flavor behind them. The combination of the sweet from the meatballs and the sweetness of the tomatoes of the sauce accented the cheese.


The other dish we shared, we had little idea what we were actually getting handed. One of us was in the know, the other two not so much. Needless to say, I lost my chicken liver virginity that night. Seriously the most tender piece of meat I have ever put in my mouth. In the beginning, I had no idea what it was. After Luke understood what it was, he simply couldn’t stomach it.


Mamma Zu was quite the experience. Interesting to say the least. Just the same, the rumors are true. If you’re looking for quality Italian in Richmond, this is one of the places to go.

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