It’s Batch, Not Bach


I am going to let yall in on a little secret. My favorite burger place of RVA. I would honestly like you to challenge me on this. I will listen. At Burger Bach   , it isn’t simply about the burger to me. Its about the atmosphere, the vibe, the beer selection and not to mention the fries, served Belgian style, with a myriad of sauces. Burger Bach is inspired by a new Zealand gastro pub, responsible for the vibe I speak of. All of their meat is grass-fed too.

Besides being one of the best places to find burgers in Richmond, this is one of the best places for fries in Richmond too. This time around, my mom and I went for the honey mustard and garlic aioli sauce. I honestly have no idea what they were doing to their fries that night. But I could not stop eating them. Per usual, they were crispy, not soggy or overfried. Simple fry perfection in my book.


When it comes to the burgers at Burger Bach, they stop at nothing less than gourmet. They have the hangover cure with and I quote, “fried egg, uncured bacon, caramelized onion .. Mexican green chile sauce and hot sauce.” My mom and I shared one of my favorites: the East Coast, topped with delicious thick bacon, blueberry chipotle bbq sauce and garlic aioli. Who could ask for more!


Although the blueberry flavor can sometimes be overpowering, this burger is truly amazing. It has quality meat, cooked to a juicy perfection. The level of flavors on all of their burgers, not just this one, is absolutely astounding. It’s hard to even explain. It has a burst of sweetness coupled with the savory mastery of the bacon and cheese. It is uncomparable.


Burger Bach is the place to go in Richmond if you’re looking for a gourmet burger and don’t mind be adventurous with your palette. You wont regret it.

(BTW: It is pronounced batch not bach)

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