This is a place, Water Coastal Kitchen, I have been meaning to try in Carytown, a neighborhood of Richmond. The chance to try it came by happenstance when my mom randomly called me on a Friday night to have dinner with her, my step-dad and step-brother.

I was so excited! But unfortunately, full from earlier in the day. I also arrived far after they had ordered. Who knows why I even went.

But nonetheless, the Fried Green Tomato appetizer was ordered. Something unexpected, it was served with pimento cheese. I had no Idea this was a thing but ironically, I went to another restaurant less than a week after and saw almost the same thing on the menu.


With a beautiful presentation, the dish was a perfect crisp for the tomatoes, added just the right amount of crunch. This pimento cheese was homemade at that. You could taste the freshness. The combination of the two, heat of the tomatoes and the coolness of the cheese, created such an amazing balance.

Then the desert came, and jaws dropped. The Blueberry Bread Pudding. Oh my goodness, it was amazing. The bread pudding was just the right amount of moisture, and almost melted in your mouth. The blueberries only added to the wonderful experience, by adding a little more flavor.


I’ve heard a million and one about this place. Even not a full meal, I was satisfied with the serendipitous occasion and delicious food, to top it all off.

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