The Captain of RVA Sushi

Richmond is a city full of amazing food. I am not trying to rag on my city but there is one type of food where Richmond is lacking. Maybe I simply have not found the best because I haven’t ventured far into this market. But good sushi is Richmond is harder to find than you think.

There is one sushi place I knew I had to try, Akida. Before going, all I had heard of this particular sushi shop was a hole in the wall with some of the best sushi in Richmond. I had seen the hole in the wall part, but I had yet to experience the flavor side of things until I went with my momma.


The décor was simple, Japanese with pleasant pink accents and curtains. The thing you would expect from hole in the wall sushi place. The options for different rolls of sushi is tremendous. I had trouble choosing exactly which roll I wanted.


All the rumors were true. The sushi was delicious. The fish cold enough, and fresh. They even present you with wooden chopsticks. My only true complaint was the fact it was slightly overpriced. Nonetheless, still quality sushi. I am not as well versed in the Richmond Japanese as I might like to be, but this ranks above the rest.


PS: Akida in English means captain

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