The God of Wine, Bacchus

Bacchus is one of my momma’s and my favorites for our weekly dinners. There was one month where the owner began to know our order. I drive by it almost everyday. And walking outside, the smell of garlic wafts in the air. It is with out a doubt one of the best Italian places in Richmond.

One thing on their menu is something I often crave. And definitely can’t find anywhere else. The white bean salad. I know you’re skeptical. What about a white bean salad could be that good? They almost over drench the white beans with olive oil. And the flavor that is attained with the herbs is hard to replicate. Seriously delicious. The best part is the mozzarella that tops the salad, the most perfect compliment.


The menu has quite the variation, not just simple Italian. They actually have Kobe burger. Apparently delicious. The servings are also humongous.

My mom’s and my go to dish are the pastas. They have everything from garlic and butter to shrimp scampi. We always share. And no matter what we get, it is always amazing. This time around we went for the Alfredo with fettuccini with chicken added. Tell me this doesn’t look amazing.


There is such a great flavor profile behind all of their pasta dishes. Something about the fresh herbs and other components that makes them all decadent works of Italian food art.

So much more could be said of quaint spot. Featured in Restaurant Week, Bacchus is an Italian favorite of RVA.I dare you to find something on the menu that doesn’t keep you coming back for more.

PS: Happy 26th birthday to my brother, Marshall! Who just joined the family in Richmond!

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