Not Just a Burger

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post. Last semester was absolutely crazy. It was the hardest, but also most enriching, semester I have at a VCU. My classes took more out of me than I ever thought, one in particular, and I decided to get a job along with my two positions in organizations. I happen to have a lot of backlog posts, which worked perfectly! My point is I am happy to be writing a new post. Especially about one of my favorite burger joints in RVA.

Carytown Burgers and Fries is located quite close to my other burger favorite, Burger Bach. Both of these restaurants tap into a few different needs. Carytown offers up cheaply priced, huge juicy burgers while Burger Bach makes things a little more gourmet. I have been going to both since I came to Richmond, but Carytown offers a burger more along my wallet’s liking.

The restaurant itself is nothing to write home about. You walk in to a counter where you order. The kitchen is behind. Once you order, you either sit out on the patio, which is heated, or upstairs. Making the focus of the restaurant solely on the goodness of the burger.

We all can appreciate a darn good burger. And boy, do they have options! Vegan burgers to the normal beef with a wild assortment of topping options. I always go for the bacon ranch melt.


Their burgers give you the juiciness, the options, and the “oh my gosh, it’s too messy I can’t put it down” scenario. Not to mention, depending on the toppings, it is a big as your face. They are delicious, my goodness. I won’t say they are the best, the end all be all. But they know how to make a burger good enough to come back for, again and again.

Nothing beats a good burger. And Carytown Burgers is one of the best when searching RVA for the best.

IMG_7233 - Version 2

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