For the German Inside

My brother turned 26 a month ago. His wish for his birthday celebration was to go to this new market and cafe: The Cask. They specialized in all things German. Brats and beer. It is really about the beer here.

The atmosphere of this place is open and welcoming while also looking very industrial. It is housed in an old truck garage. In the summer time, they can open the garage door for warm weather enjoyment. Enter growlers here.

The Cask has a very limited menu that resembles something you would see more so at lunch than at dinner. I am also not the biggest fan of sauerkraut so I had a tough time deciding what to order. I am the crazy one who didn’t get the meat and cheese platter. What was I thinking?


I declared the sausage plate as my entree of choice. Which included Czech-style potato salad and sauerkraut. Again, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was trying to give it a chance, I suppose! The sausage though. Oh my goodness. It was a Käskrainer made by Sausage Craft, a place located here in Richmond. This brat had bacon and cheese in it. And it was to die for! So juicy and delicious with great flavor popping up with every bite.


The sauerkraut was almost bearable to me, which is saying a lot. It wasn’t as tart and sour as many others but it still has not won my heart just yet. The Czech-style potato salad is far more healthy than its American counterpart, dolloped with mayo. This, instead, tasted much like the sauerkraut. It was tart but still not bad. I wasn’t completely content with it. But I also have a special space saved in my heart for the mayo variation.


If you make your way here and you actually like sauerkraut, you may be far more pleased than me. I am definitely not saying it was bad, but personally, for me, there was much to be desired. When you put cheese in sausage, you’ve won my heart.

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