From Scratch, On a Whole New Level

In a cute, underestimated neighborhood of Richmond, there sits a bakery. This bakery goes back to basics. By that, I mean they mill their own grain that they get directly from the farmer. Meaning, this bread doesn’t go through a whole slew load of channels to get to your company or get switched from truck to truck before it lands on your table. This goes completely beyond homemade.

Sub Rosa is located in the Churchill neighborhood of Richmond. Churchill has recently gotten a lot of recognition for their food prowess. From Proper Pie to the Roosevelt, some of their food venues rank supreme. Sub Rosa is no different.

Their bakery is in a whole different ball park than any other in town. I’d even say Virginia. This is as “from scratch” as you can get. And their breads show it. Their employees will gladly let you sample any bread you wish. The Polenta bread is so moist that it could sit on your counter for three days and not dry out. It is so deliciously moist.


And boy, the croissants. This time around I jumped for the chocolate almond croissant. It actually oozed of its goodness. It could not be eaten without a fork and knife. It was flaky, buttery and everything a croissant could be. This particular kind was almost too sweet for me to finish. I can’t wait to try to the standard one.

IMG_8397         IMG_8396

They also serve the all Richmond famous, Lamplighter Coffee Roast. The lattes are fantastic. The environment of the bakery is also a lot like the one at Lamplighter. I sat and read for an hour and a half, soaking up the atmosphere. It smells even better from all the baking bread.


Be aware to go as early as you can. They only make for the day so by the time I got there at 3 pm, a lot of the good eats were already tapped out.

I would dare to say that many of the bakeries in Europe aren’t doing what this place is doing. But Sub Rosa is doing it oh so well!

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