Casa, Casa, Casa

Casa Del Barco. You have become a favorite among me and my friends. Y’all are gonna have to hear just a tad more about this RVA favorite of mine. They have won my heart with their food, service and atmosphere. I have never been discontent with anything I have ordered.

One of the last trips, I decided to try the chorizo rice and bean bowl. It resembles much like the bowl you would get from Chipotle. But surprisingly, better. The chorizo on top is cooked to perfection and just the right amount of spice. The standard black beans and Spanich rice they serve with the tacos line the bottom of the bowl. Per usual, the ingredients of the pico de gallo is fresh and delicious. My normal praise for them stands true: everything is amazingly fresh and you can taste it with every  bite!

[I have no photo .. I could not wait to eat it]

This place is especially amazing for your birthday and events. They are helpful with reservations and will have appetizers ready for your guests. As a Casa tradition, when a bottle of tequila is running low, you and your friends are to finish the give or take 7 shots left in the bottle. Once you’re done, your bottle goes in the ceiling, after being decorated to your group’s content.

My friends and I went on my golden 22nd birthday. And we finished a bottle! It was the best present I got day of. I even put my blog name on there. Suffice it to say, it was a great way to start my year of 22!


For all my VCU Rams out there, they also have a Havoc Margarita, made with passion fruit juice and black sugar on the rim. The perfect black and yellow. And of course, it has to have passion in it.


Viva RVA with CDB.

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