A Twist on Tradition

After an event at the Virginia Center for Architecture, my mother and I were in a need of a quick bite. We decided upon a wonderful place just a block from her office. Not only was the place close, but we had both heard wonderful things about this new restaurant in town.

The rumors were true.

The restaurant used to be an Italian restaurant with a dark and romantic vibe. The new Betty on Davis boosts bright yellow walls and rustic accents. From the moment you walk in the door, you know its a Southern neighborhood spot, simply by decoration. An amazing quote from Bette Davis is adorned on the walls, only proving the neighborhood family feel even more.

Luray, the owner of the restaurant, was our waitress. She was absolutely delightful. Sweet and kind, with southern hospitality. Me, being the entrepreneur and hopeful restaurant owner myself one day, could not help to ask her all about her inspiration for the place, some of the process, among other things. Luray was pleased to answer all my ridiculous questions, with a smile on her face.

Where to begin on the food. My mother and I have a routine when we go out to eat to share a salad and some sort of entree to not only help the wallet, but our waistlines. I rarely rant about a salad. But the mixed green salad, which had goat cheese, strawberries and toasted almonds on top, was absolutely amazing. The lemon rosemary vinaigrette tasted so fresh and had the right amount of citrus kick. Not to mention, this salad was huge. It would’ve been hard to finish alone.


This burger. Luray described it as one a lot like the ones at Five Guys. She was not exaggerating. I wanna know how she makes her burgers, it was so good. Thin patties, robust with flavor and dripping of juiciness. Cheese perfectly melted on top. Definitely my kind of burger. The toppings left much to be desired but the focus of the restaurant is also not the burger. Unlike some of its RVA counterparts, this burger was a whopping $7.75. Such a deal.


I really could not tell you where I have gotten this sort of experience here in Richmond, other than maybe, Casa del Barco. Side note, still have not met the owner there. Like Casa, the Betty on Davis is also a from-scratch kitchen, meaning nothing is frozen and always made in house. You can taste this aspect in both of their dishes. Ironically, the restaurants with known to me from-scratch kitchens are also the ones with stupendous service.

Go ahead, get in your car and drive over to enjoy a meal at this place. Save yourself the trouble of waiting till all your friends are talking about it because I have a very good feeling they will be soon. You might even get the pleasure of being served by Luray.


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