Gotta Get That Vap

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I may have my favorites in RVA. But y’all finally get to hear about one of my other favorites, which happens to be around the world. I’m serious. It’s all over the world. From Australia to Alaska. Its name is Vapiano. I have been going there with my family for almost ten years, mostly the DC locations. Even when I was abroad and we found one, we would go there just because we knew it would be good.

Vapiano is a German-based Italian restaurant. The way in which you order is partly why I like it so much. When I was younger, I equated it to the Subway for pasta. You go up to the glass counter. From their 10 pasta offerings and 15 sauces, you choose one of each. They then make it right in front of you. The pasta is even cooked in this deep fried contraption, but with water, in order for it to be cooked in minutes. The sauce in cooked on a wok shaped stove top with a huge wok pan. It was quite the experience.

They use the freshest of ingredients. They even have potted herbs at your table there for your enjoyment and use. The pasta is made in house. This freshness and house made pasta taste comes in every bite. They also have amazing pizza and salads.

I have had my favorites over the years and although one of my favorites is no longer on the menu, you can still order it. Thank goodness.


Whenever I go with friends, we each order something and share the dishes. This time around we went for the Salami e Ricotta con Rucola and Pomodoro e Mozzarella. The pomodoro dish was already one of my favorites, but after this trip, the salami one is as well. This dish is made with salami, pine nuts, ricotta cheese and white wine. The mass of the wine flavor cooks out during the process but the undertone is still there. The pasta is so fresh and perfectly al dente.

Out of all the times I have been to this restaurant, there has been only once I was disappointed by their food. It was mainly because my company ruined the experience and complained the whole time. They shall remain nameless. Just the same, all the ingredients and flavors are always so fresh. From the pasta to the garlic, tomatoes used in the dishes, and the sauce on the pizza, everything is wonderful.


They also love to give out lots of free freshly baked bread. Yum, carbs.

Check their website out if you are abroad, especially in Vienna, Austria, or in DC, you may be right near one. You won’t want to miss this one.

“According to an Italian proverb, ‘If you have an easy-going and relaxed approach to life, you’ll live more healthily and longer.”’

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