The Food After War

Beer. Good burgers. Good fries. What more could you want? Seriously.

In the last few weeks, I have become a frequent at Postbellum  . Especially with the warm weather coming, their rooftop bar may begin to be one of my favorite spots to enjoy the spring in Richmond. I came to this restaurant for my 21st birthday and purchased my first legal beer here. I guess you could say, there are some memories.

The interior is rustic, dark and very grey. I love grey so I am unopposed to this motif. The decoration is very eclectic and sort of hipster you could say. There is a fake moose head hanging on the wall and antlers hanging from another.

Aside from the memories, their food makes me happy too.

You all know I am quite the burger queen. I love burgers. Much to my surprise, I found that the Cabot burger was one of the best in Richmond. It is tender and delicious with the right amount of flavor and toppings, even bacon. Possibly a little too much bun for my liking but everything else makes up for it. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I had my first bite of their burger. It was just too good.


Another reason I like it here: they actually call fries frites. Side note, if you see this on a restaurant’s menu, that’s a darn good distinction that the fries are wonderful. They serve their frites with an assortment of sauces per request – very Belgian. They are not doubled fried, the Belgian way, but they are still fried to perfection.


Being a fan of frites, I also decided to try their poutine. It was not the frites underneath as I had expected but fingerling potatoes cut in half and roasted. Topped with mushrooms, peas, and the standard cheese curd gravy that makes a poutine a poutine. It was glorious. The flavors in the poutine are so full of gusto. The leftover gravy makes a great dip for your frites too.


Not to mention, their amazing draft beer selection. With more than a few craft beers sprinkled in there too, of course.

With all their frites and beer, this place makes for a happy Belgian. Well anyone really. And let’s not forget about the rooftop bar!

PS. Postbellum means after war in Latin.

2 thoughts on “The Food After War

  1. Bryan says:

    Eating the truffle honey, herbs, and parmesan frites while sipping on a Vienna Lager on the rooftop bar is my favorite thing in the entire city.

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