Comparing Cubans

Ham, pork, cheese, pickles and mustard once came together for a party. And they made something beautiful down in Key West. The Cuban.

 There are more than a few places in Richmond that may serve a Cuban. But I took it upon myself to compare a few of the ones I had the joy of eating.

Kuba Kuba is a well known Cuban restaurant in Richmond. They serve breakfast all day and the best Cafe con Leche’s. The vibe is something I would expect to see straight out of the Cuba. Even in the dead of winter, it feels warm inside with the bright colors and Spanish lining the boards on the wall.


Their Cuban was delicious. It was fresh and the amount of meat could’ve almost been too much. I was quite bummed by one thing: the bread. For a sandwich like this, I would prefer something softer than more so melts in your mouth. Their Cuban was crunchy and almost hurt my mouth eating it. The ingredients on the inside made up for the indiscretion on the inside.


Along a busy street in Richmond, there sits a hole in the wall cafe. There are no seats, just a kitchen. Where they provide their customers with fresh and local ingredients in an assortment of sandwich formats. The Naked Onion. Their Cuban was probably not the type of Cuban you would actually find in the homeland. But nonetheless, the bread was soft. Might I add, cut differently than the Kuba Kuba Cuban. The meat, again, was almost too much but amazingly roasted to perfection. It almost melted in my mouth.


These Cubans are hard to compare in all honesty. They are in different ballparks. The Kuba Kuba one ranks supreme when you are looking for a real Cuban. But the Naked Onion variation is a solid choice when you want a darn good sandwich.

Side note. The rest of the menu at both of these places is outstanding. The Naked Onion’s is also always changing because of the restaurants local food aspiration. And if you’re looking for true Cuban food in RVA, you would be dumb not to try Kuba Kuba.

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