Foo’d Served Daily

Around Richmond, there are a ton of restaurants on my list of places to try. One, until recently, ranked above the rest on my list. The last few weeks have been filed with everyone’s ravings about this place. So I decided to finally give Foo Dog a go.

It is very characteristically Richmond. Funky and unique vibe but yet, still chill. It is very manga inspired with anime drawings that line the walls and they even show Pokemon on the TV. We proclaimed that this would be my little brother’s favorite restaurant, being the Japanese culture freak he is, if he ever got the chance to try it.

Everything on the menu is Japanese and Asian food with a flair. There are delicious Ramen dishes, pad thai, and calamari. And even things like KFC – Ken’s Fried Chicken, fried Asian style. Not the standard fare you would find somewhere else.

We shared the Gyoza for an appetizer. The dumpling fillings were cooked to perfection and popping with flavor. Not to mention, the sauce served with it was delicious as well. It was hard not to share.


As the entree, I got the Kim Chi Fried Rice. It packed a little bit of punch but was again, popping with flavor, even a tad of sweetness. It seemed like sushi rice because it kind of clumped together but I love when rice does that, personally. It felt healthy with all the veggies it was topped with. But throw the bacon on there too, not so healthy after all. Still delicious!


I will admit that even being the big foodie I am, sometimes I don’t explore as much and keep to my food cultures I am accustomed. So Asian food is a little more out there for me, in some cases. Foo Dog made it easy for people, even worse than me, to still find something delicious and not totally out there dishes on their whole menu.  I have only been there once and I am already writing a list of what I want to try next, including the calamari.

Foo Dog is like your mediocre Chinese food place on steroids. Definitely a must try in Richmond!

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