Great Beer, Even Better Burgers

Here goes my post for burger number 345. I dare say this burger may win out above many of the others. In my opinion of delicious restaurant burgers, you do have two different playing fields. You have the fancy gourmet burgers like Coda or Burger Bach. Or you have the down-home “I just want a gosh darn burger” burger like Carytown Burgers. The burgers of Jack Brown’s follow in suit with the latter. A down home gosh darn good burger with an upscale ingredient and some funky toppings.

Originating in Harrisonburg, VA, Jack Brown’s Burger Joint is a simple one: burgers and fries. They know how to do one thing and they do it well. The environment is rustic. With old beer cans lining the walls and an old rusted up car encasing the draft beers, this place is a sight to see. But don’t come to see the sight, there isn’t too much. Just a great relaxed vibe. Come to eat the burger. And don’t expect normal burger toppings either. One has a hot dog on top.

With locations around Virginia, and gaining more in other states, Roanoke was where I tried my first. Thinking to myself, I wish they had this in Richmond. Whelp, not to my surprise, I checked the website and a Richmond location was the newest of the yummy establishments. Yay for us Richmonders!

I mentioned earlier there was one upscale ingredient. This is Wagyu beef. Now, this type of beef may sound familiar to my readers. As it should. Coda also serves a wagyu beef burger, which helps to keep to flavor of the meat in the burger. So of course, these burgers are gonna be good.


I ordered the Cowboy – BBQ sauce, bacon and cheddar. Because of the wagyu, the burger was juicy and full of flavor. I just wish the patty was bigger. Just the same, the bun must have been steamed because it was soft and warm and collapsed, in a good way, around the burger and the toppings. Every bite was consistent with bread, cheese, bacon and the goodness of the beef. Together, it was a majesty of a good burger.


Oh my gosh, those fries. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a great seasoning on top. The whole get up is served with an amazing sauce that is tasty and flavorful. It tastes and looks a lot like Yum Yum sauce you find in Hibachi joints. It was good on the burger b  ut great on the fries!


I will be sad if my visit to the RVA location isn’t the same stupendous food experience.

With 7 locations, even one coming to Nashville, Jack Brown’s is a must try if you like burgers. Especially if you just want one of those “I just want a gosh darn good burger” kind of burgers. I completely forgot to mention their selection of over 50 varieties of beer. Yeah, so there’s that.

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