Seizing Sandwiches: Part 1

Let’s be honest. We have been eating sandwiches since we first started making our way to school in preschool. As adults, our sandwiches stem far beyond the normal peanut butter and jelly or the ham and cheese.

I wanted to mix it up and try a few sandwiches around Richmond. And RVA knows sandwiches.

Lamplighter Coffee is known around for a lot of things. Their coffee, of course, their pasteries, sandwiches and primarily, the RVA hipster that frequents its locations. The Big Toni at Lamplighter was wonderful. There was the right amount of kick with the sausage and the peppers. And the bread was soft. The flavor of the sandwich was full of gusto.


Strawberry Street Cafe, on the other hand, isn’t as much as “cafe” as you would think. It is a Richmond tradition and has been for years. They are namely known for their bathtub salad bar that is nestled in the middle of the establishment. But one day, I tried their French Dip and it was ah-freaking-mazing. The meat with deliciously seasoned and tender. The au joux was flavorful. The bread. The bread was soft, warm and accented the sandwich oh so well. It wasn’t too bready either.


Olio is a cafe market located in the Fan District. Great for the office day take out lunch. It boosts a menu of different sandwiches and salads with names like The Londoner and the Arc de Triomphe. My sandwich of choice was the latter. The baguette was crusty yet still soft. The garlic aioli was just garlicly enough and stinking delicious. As Brie normally goes, it can sometimes tend to overpower all the rest of the flavors. With this, the flavors melded together perfectly. The smokiness of the bacon, creamy and pungent flavor of the Brie. Not to mention, the roasted nature of the turkey. The sandwich overall was full of flavor.


These are just three sandwiches of probably thousands around the Richmond area. Get ready for sandwiches part too – coming soon. There may even be a French Dip face-off.

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