Torino, Amore Mio

Happy August!! I can’t believe it got here so quickly!

For my 50th post, I have happy news!

I finally get to unveil to you my number 1 restaurant, as least for flavors sake.

Located in tiny Warrenton in the middle of horse country Virginia, Cafe Torino serves some of the most authentic Italian experience in, I dare say, Virginia.

The owner and head chef is a Italian-born man with the robust Italian personality. He comes to greet you and even catch a few jokes. As for his food, being born and raised in Italy, I think this guy knows Italian.

My family and I have a long relationship. We lived in Warrenton for 7 years while my mom worked at the AIA headquarters in DC. My godparents live here and this is where she grew up. The unfortunate thing is we only came to try this restaurant only 3 months before we were supposed to move.

Ever since, any time we are there, we have to go! It is just the best treat. I’ve even gone by myself. This time, I drove 3 hours for a 2 hour meal with part of my family. Every time, it’s worth it. I have never met something more consistent in flavor or better in Italian. My go to is the Pennette with Prosciutto and Sage, but I’ve also only gone at lunch.

We were there dinner this go around. My dish of choice: Tortellini with Prosciutto and Sage. I was between this and another but the waitress suggested this, so I had to do it. There was no regret.

IMG_2371 (1)

The tortellini was the most fresh tortellini I have ever tasted. You could just tell it was recently made. The creaminess of the sauce was the perfect consistency, thin and full of gusto. The sage flavor is so wonderfully underlying. As for the prosciutto, for dinner, its thick cut. With every bite, saltier than the last. The pairing is marvelous. This dish has inspired me to use more sage in my cooking – recipes to come.


I must admit I haven’t strayed too much from ordering this dish at Cafe Torino. But I have had the joy of trying a few dishes and every single one is just such a great Italian representation. Especially, the focaccia, soft and fresh. Even the environment, it is very relaxed. Not trying to be a high class place, but serving amazing amazing Italian food.    Not a bad Idea.


After this trip, I happily had the opportunity to go again within the week. It was the best but very rare for me. This time, my mom and I shared the Tortellini with Ham and Peas. I have to say, it wasn’t nearly as delicious but still amazing!


So Warrenton Friends, if you haven’t tried this, leave your house right now to try it. Everyone else, find a way. It is the best needle in a haystack.

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