Relay Recipes

As some of you may or may not know, I used to work for Relay Foods last fall. Relay is an online grocery store and farmers market. As I liked to call it, something between Amazon and Whole Foods. There’s something about it for everyone. Whether you wanna use it for the organic options, the online shopping or for the pure convenience of not going to the grocery store.

Something I really love about Relay is that they have recipes and meal planning options for busy families or people like me. Recently, they honored me with a few bucks to make some recipes for my blog.

I decided on Mexican Lasagna and Eggplant Parmesan. Both vegetarian and delish.

Eggplant Parmesan


For something so popular, this was my first time even making Eggplant Parmesan. It was exactly as I had expected. The breading can get tough if you don’t keep the process on the clean side. But it is definitely a messy process. The spice blend that this uses really makes the dish. It has a little kick but adds so much flavor. It feels really healthy eating this dish because of the eggplant and then you realize all the stuff you just put in it and how it may not actually be that healthy. Also, I am quite a fan of all the cheese that it uses. Provolone, parmesan, and Italian blend – keep it coming.


(Excuse my slightly over-broiled variation)

Mexican Lasagna


This recipe was one of the easiest ones I have made in awhile. And it was amazing! You also feel healthy eating it because of all the beans in it. You get a little bit of all the things you need in one place. The enchilada sauce has a ton of flavor and adds so much to the dish. Full of flavor and a bit on the spicy side, the crema uses the chiles and cilantro. It is the best addition to this dish. The dish has a lot of texture and every bite has a little bit of a different flavor. For a busy family, this would be an easy weeknight dinner to whip up. It’s also pretty fun to make.


I really love Relay and how easy they make buying groceries. They also make sure that the customers are always happy with the products they are getting. They even have an awesome refill opinion for people who repeatedly buy something weekly or monthly. My only only issue with them is that for a college kid or graduate, Relay can be a little bit on the pricier side. I got the fixings for these meals and a little something extra for $50.

This particular post may sound like a sales pitch, but in actuality, it’s about the recipes. As I was making these dishes, I realized they were both casseroles and both vegetarian. I did not mean to have such little variation between the dishes I made for them. Just the same, choose Mexican or Italian and you’ve got an easy dinner in the making.

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