The Old Fire Station

Burgers, burgers, burgers. For a year now, I have been hearing about this old fire station turned into a restaurant that serves up a mean burger. My big sister in my sorority lives right next to this place and my little is just as obsessed.

One Sunday brunch, my little, one of my closest friends in Alpha Gam and I went to Station 2. On another note, this past weekend, my chapter welcomed 40 awesome new members. It was great to be involved with the process even as an alum.

I was finally trying this place I had been hearing about for months and months. Even at brunch, I ended up getting a burger. What can I say. There were too many awesome looking options so I really couldn’t not try one. It would be doing myself a disservice.

The BBQ Barista burger. Coffee rubbed and drenched in BBQ sauce. With smoked gouda too. Um, yum. At least this burger was rubbed with coffee, that’s pretty brunchy right?

This whole coffee rub thing made me a little skeptical. My little told me that coffee and burgers are kind of a thing. Something about the coffee really brings out the flavor of the burger and such and such. I can see why.

For most of my bites, I could not even tell the burger was coffee rubbed in the least. There was just a slight undertone. Other bites had so much coffee flavor. With the smokiness of the gouda, roasted coffee grounds and the char from the grill on the burger, all of the flavors just worked. Absolutely delicious. I was kind of amazed by this whole coffee thing. It has inspired a bit of experimentation in me.

My friends both got the sausage gravy. It was some of the best restaurant sausage gravy I’ve had. And I take my sausage gravy seriously.

For brunch or just a burger, give this old fire station a try.

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