Michigan’s [Food] Adventure: Part 3

Onto my last post of my Michigan adventures.


I, now, very happily, have the honor of telling you about one of my favorite places ever. Mackinac Island – pronounced Mackinaw, not to be confused with Mackinaw City that is located on the lower peninsula of Michigan. It is one of the most beautiful and best kept secrets of the US, The island itself only has three vehicles – police, ambulance and fire truck. Otherwise, the modes of transport are bike and horse. Yes, horse.


The island sits between the division of Lake Huron, the east side of Michigan and Lake Michigan, the west side of Michigan. I have been fortunate enough to have visited this islands more than some Michiganders have. For over ten years, I have looked forward to this quaint piece of American delight. Since there are no cars, the island feels like a whole other world, almost like you stepped back in time. Things seem more simple. Probably why the movie, Somewhere in Time, was set here on the island and in the Grand Hotel.


The Grand Hotel

IMG_3303  IMG_3421

The four of us plus a photo of me!

If you make your way to Mackinac Island, not going to the Grand Hotel is basically a sin. I have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with the opportunity to stay at the hotel three out of my four times on the island. It is an awesome resort with its great food, elaborate decoration, and old fashioned charm. It really is like going back in time. Sidenote: check out Somewhere in Time if you haven’t seen it already. Great movie staring the young Christopher Reeve AKA Superman and Jane Seymour featuring this beautiful island.


It may cost money to even go on the grounds, but the $10 is definitely worth it, especially if you are going to the lunch buffet. this buffet is probably one of the classiest buffets you may even look your eyes upon. And the menu is so extravagant. Salad buffet, cold buffet with pasta salads and smoked fish, and a hot buffet with things like beef tips and pan seared salmon.

IMG_3256   IMG_3257

When I returned from my trip, my coworkers were hating on me because “who vacations in Michigan? It’s Michigan.” Well guess what, Michigan is not as bad as people make it out to be be, mostly because in general, people equate it solely to Detroit, which is on the up and up, by the way. It is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the US, especially when you are speaking on Mackinac Island. I am not saying number 1, but it definitely makes the top 10. For my personal list, top 5. Make the case for yourself though and give the mitten a chance.


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