Lil’ Italy in RVA

Can I just say how happy I am that it’s fall? Crisp air and new beginnings. Everyone makes a big hoopla about all the girls loving fall. It really is one of the best seasons – especially for food – makes me so excited! Fall is a sign of new beginning, the last leg before the new year. Even the trees are telling us things are about to change. It is really beautiful!

Named to be the best sandwiches in Richmond in 2015 and years before, Coppola’s has been a Richmond staple for over 30 years now. It is a delicatessen if I have ever seen one. It sort of looks like a hole in the wall, something you’d see in New York, aside from the huge Coppola’s in the window.

I had the pleasure of enjoying this meal with my big and one of my best friends, Hannah. This was her first time enjoying this great spot. I had previously had a salad and boy was that thing piled high with goodies. Although that was almost two years ago, I remember it being a great salad so I was excited when I finally got the chance to enjoy it again.


I got the Industrial, their equivalent to the Italian. This puppy was piled high with deli meat, which was delicious. The meat had great flavor. And the provolone was perfectly melty. The house cured peppers on top were awesome. They added a different element to this sandwich and gave it a little kick. Per usual, my favorite part was the bread. The thing that literally holds it all together. It was nice and crusty on the outside, but the inside was soft, making it the perfect accent to this sandwich.


Coppola’s claims to be a little taste of Italy. To me, with the fresh ingredients, this statement is held to be true. This spot is prime for your lunch time meal or if you’re looking for a darn good sandwich.

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