About Jo

[Love people. Cook them tasty food.]

I am awesome because I love food. From a young age, I have loved cooking, baking and everything in between. When I studied abroad in Belgium, my love of food was heightened even more. Belgians delight in being the best at many favorites of Americans, whether they know it or not. Chocolate, beer, waffles and fries. 

It’s not just about cooking and baking, but also, just the mere event of experiencing a good meal, whether at a restaurant or at home. Food speaks to people and brings them together in a way most things can’t. And to me, that’s fascinating. 

Just food in general. 

Why I am super awesome is I took my love of food to the internet.

This food blog is centered around the restaurants I try, where I live (Richmond, currently) and wherever I travel, and featured recipes of my own.

I recently graduated from VCU with a degree in Entrepreneurship. Still in Richmond, working for a restaurant, but keeping my options open. Big plans are in the works for my future, hopefully (probably) in food! 

Seize the Cheese. Because of my love of cheese. Fun fact: I used to be the “captain” of my cheese club in high school.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @carpecheese

[Live the life you love. Love the life you live.]

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Personal: Instagram & Twitter: @jo_drei | Tumblr: @greeniesj

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